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About. is a group of companies in the 10 design subsidiary, which is specialized in professional design for residential and house design. We are a team of experts and directly responsible for home design over 10 years of design experience with many guaranteed works. The team lead by Mr.Varakan Ten Tipprapa who graduated and lived in Chicago in the United States for almost 10 years.

Why us? 

1. Houses designed by designers or tailor-made house is not a prefabricated house would definitely answer the owner's living well both style and life. 

2. The house can be designed on the land size that perfect for the utilized space, unlike a prefabricated house that has a fixed layout, layout, and repeated style.

3. Our team consists of the design team graduates directly from many leading institutions or universities where can be confident that there are qualified delivery works.

4. Our team has worked in the industry for a long time and is well known in the design industry. Therefore, there is a guarantee of a quality performance job.

5. Our team has a team that provides a full consultation. Therefore, we can work quickly to make the project operation easily and the duration is shorter than the general period.


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